Out with the pizza stone, in with the steel

Today I’m reading about the Baking Steel, invented and produced by Stoughton Steel in Massachusetts. An email from Pure Wow led me to the product site, and their story, and the rave reviews.

Scientist-cook-former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold inspired Stoughton’s Andris Lagsdin to fashion a steel plate for baking with his comments, in his epic Modernist Cuisine, about steel’s superior conductivity compared to the brick or stone typically used for commercially or home-cooked pizza.

A Kickstarter campaign quickly raised the money Lagsdin needed to launch a serious manufacturing effort for the baking steel.

The final product weighs 15 pounds, measures 16” by 14”, requires a lower oven temperature than a baking stone, and costs $79. Cook’s Illustrated, Food & Wine, the Wall Street Journal and other have applauded it.

So, what does this product have to do with wine? Once you make that pizza, you have a world of vino – red, white, rose – to pair with it.

I’m a traditionalist: sausage and mushrooms, which calls for a red, anything from a rustic Salice Salentino or Corbières, to a modest California Pinot or Merlot ($12 to $15 is about right for a pizza wine, in my view). Or what about one of the oodles of delicious, affordable Bordeaux from one of several recent fantastic vintages?

If you make your pizza “white” or veggie-only, dry or stony (there’s Bordeaux again) whites accompany nicely.

But, no matter which way you go – homemade, take-out, thick crust, thin, red wine, white wine – take the time to savor your choices.

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