Healthier living through wine

According to the latest news flash from the realm of how-wine-consumption-impacts-health, modest weekly wine consumption can stave off depression in people over 55.

This assessment comes from a seven-year study of some 5,500 Spaniards; results were published recently in BMC Medicine.

Champagne toast 

While the methodology and conclusions of this particular study seem a bit shaky (meals and socializing with friends and family probably do help ward off depression, but is the wine that’s part of those rituals responsible?), I nevertheless reserve the right to have faith that wine consumption can help me live a longer, healthier life.

After all, belief in wine’s healthful attributes dates back to ancient Egypt. Wine for centuries was prescribed to improve digestion, alleviate diarrhea, ease the pain of childbirth and, applied topically, disinfect wounds.

Wine, and alcohol consumption in general, subsequently fell into disfavor in some quarters. Among the claims of wine’s possibly pernicious effects have been that it boosts the risk of breast and other cancers and weakens bone tissue.

But, on the bright side, a number of medical studies find that wine drinking in moderation contributes to longevity and good health for most adults.

Simply enjoying the glass of what’s in front of you should be reason enough to drink wine. But if you need a health justification, here are a few:


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