About Me

I’m a writer and journalist who’s been having fun with wine for more than 20 years. What do I love about it? Well, for starters, I love that great wine – which doesn’t have to mean expensive wine – tastes good, is a key ingredient of hospitality with friends and family, and helps complete a meal.

. . . that drinking wine is a civilizing ritual that connects consumers to the earth and to those who produced it.

. . . that the wine business is one of the few whose participants – growers, vintners, retailers, those who write about it (like yours truly) – are sincerely passionate about their work.

. . . that there’s always more to learn, about the places where great wine is made, the technologies of making it ever-better, the quirks of each vintage.

And when I learn something new, I can’t help sharing it with others.

Unreceived Wisdoms gives me a way to share more widely what I discover. Fantastic, affordable wines have never been more abundant, thanks to passionate producers around the world. Let’s explore what’s available together. I welcome your feedback!


Melanie Best

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